mccullen (mccullen) wrote,

happy seventh of july

2:20 am:
got in a fistfight with four serious dudes outside the eight ball. got punched in the face a whole lot of times. my lip is busted and my eye stings

2:50 am
cab back to Billy's house; talked about sex a bunch. drank beer on the stoop. lots of toasting WHY IS MY MOUTH STILL BLEEDING

5:00 am-3:30 pm

4:00 pm-4:04 pm

4:05 pm-6:00 pm accidental porn click results in me seeing a dude doing horrible things to a sofa cushion. there may have been an innocent banana involved in this video as well; i cannot say more

7:00 pm
spent about four hours at the visiting carnival what's in town. nearly ralphed on the HI ROLLER. got called an "emo" by a 50-year-old carnie who questioned how long i thought i would last in a mosh pit at Ozzfest, and watched a 50+ person brawl erupt behind the dunk tank. fucking dunk tank clown made absolutely sure to crack either immigration or taco bell jokes whenever a central-american family walked by. horrible clown drank sparks the entire day. witnessed another carnie texting someone on his new iPhone. A FUCKING iPHONE!

11:30 pm
went over to the Wheelers' place for an impromptu Pac-Man/Pole Position party with the rest of the gang. let me just say that until you have played Pole Position on a fifty inch flat-screen tv you cannot truly call yourself a nerd.

12:30 am
played Celebrity. played Bands in the Round. got attacked by a nocturnal bird.

12 am-2:30 am
made jokes about Tracey Gold, Kirk Gibson, Tatyana M. Ali, 'Frank Fontana' from Murphy Brown, and the new tv show i want to produce...


do you love it?
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