mccullen (mccullen) wrote,

happy seventh of july

2:20 am:
got in a fistfight with four serious dudes outside the eight ball. got punched in the face a whole lot of times. my lip is busted and my eye stings

2:50 am
cab back to Billy's house; talked about sex a bunch. drank beer on the stoop. lots of toasting WHY IS MY MOUTH STILL BLEEDING

5:00 am-3:30 pm

4:00 pm-4:04 pm

4:05 pm-6:00 pm accidental porn click results in me seeing a dude doing horrible things to a sofa cushion. there may have been an innocent banana involved in this video as well; i cannot say more

7:00 pm
spent about four hours at the visiting carnival what's in town. nearly ralphed on the HI ROLLER. got called an "emo" by a 50-year-old carnie who questioned how long i thought i would last in a mosh pit at Ozzfest, and watched a 50+ person brawl erupt behind the dunk tank. fucking dunk tank clown made absolutely sure to crack either immigration or taco bell jokes whenever a central-american family walked by. horrible clown drank sparks the entire day. witnessed another carnie texting someone on his new iPhone. A FUCKING iPHONE!

11:30 pm
went over to the Wheelers' place for an impromptu Pac-Man/Pole Position party with the rest of the gang. let me just say that until you have played Pole Position on a fifty inch flat-screen tv you cannot truly call yourself a nerd.

12:30 am
played Celebrity. played Bands in the Round. got attacked by a nocturnal bird.

12 am-2:30 am
made jokes about Tracey Gold, Kirk Gibson, Tatyana M. Ali, 'Frank Fontana' from Murphy Brown, and the new tv show i want to produce...


do you love it?
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"i know you guys want to see it, so here you go! this is where the magic happens! hahaha. so anyway, yeah, this is the the kitchen and the bathroom and the foyer and the attic and actually this is pretty much everything."
"we have this awesome stereo, but we can't turn it on" this is evil. but kribstallnacht is still funny.
for real, whenever I'm working a night shift I come and mooch around all up in your journal.

how did I miss this first time round?
are you my friend on dlist?
is your face healed up yet?

a queerbashed face is totally hot though, bro. not much consolation but it should've been a (man) pussy magnet, as I believe you say over your side of the pond. dude.

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i love it. get back on LJ trav! or else i'll send someone else to kick your ass! :o