mccullen (mccullen) wrote,

'Butchin' it up,' or 'Three's Company'

i just pushed a neighbour's car uphill out of an icy ditch in our shared backyard. yeah, i know- surprise, surprise; MCCULLEN is a huge jock and tasks like this come easy to him. i am pretty masculine [case in point: i only wear Gaultier's clear mascara]. however, the comcomitant hard-on i got after successfully moving an automobile with my (calfskin opera-length gloved) hands precluded sleeping, so i began to ruminate with regard to a question that has been plaguing me for the last couple of days.

Cover Girl has got Queen Latifah, and Revlon's brand identity is practically centred around Halle Berry.

Q. what the hell is Jennifer Hudson going to do for a career?
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